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With the rise of Research Chemicals comes an equally powerful force.. 

The Bunk Police are here to solve your illicit mysteries.

Nearly 100% of substances are cut with one or more adulterant, and they aren’t using baking soda anymore.  Over half of samples tested by our group contain large quantities of “research chemicals” of multiple classes and types, many of which present very real overdose risks and have been in news all over the world.

Our goal is to make sure your substances aren’t BUNK. This is your wake-up call. It’s time to join the fight and RISE UP to defeat dishonesty and bring back the goodwill and brotherhood that came before us.

Our main defense:

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This kit is intended for use in identifying unknown substances

Reagent testing IS NOT 100% definitive, many factors can come into play when examining the reaction including mixtures of multiple substances and lighting. A sample that has been tested should never be considered “safe.” This being said, reagent testing is the best possible method for on the spot identification.

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